How To: Oil and Filter change on a 2007 – 2012 Honda CBR 600 RR

How To: Oil and Filter change on a 2007 – 2012 Honda CBR 600 RR
How to change the oil and filter on a 07-12 Honda CBR 600 RR
Tools required:
-Decent wrench
-5 mm hex or allen key
-12 mm socket
-Some form of oil filter removal tool
-Kitchen foil (optional but helpful)
-Funnel (optional but helpful)

The first thing you will need to do is to remove some fairings to gain access to the filter and sump plug. The 600 RR has a split fairing, for an oil change all we need to remove is the bottom part. See the image below for the bolt locations.

Step 1:

Start the bike up and let it idle until its up to temperature. Hot oil is thinner and will drain much better.

Step 2:

Line the header pipes with some foil, this it to protect the pipes from oil spills when we pull the oil filter out.

Step 3:

Crack loose the 12 mm sump plug and take it out by hand, keep pressure on the bolt as you remove it. Remove the filler cap to get some air through the system to aid the draining.

Step 4:

Remove the old oil filter, crack loose with a socket and remove by hand.

Step 5:

Ensure the rubber “O” ring is still on the old filter and hasn’t got stuck on the spindle.

Step 6:

Inspect the old sump plug and crush washer for obvious damage. These should both ideally be replaced but you can reuse them if needed.

Step 7:

Install the new sump plug and crush washer onto the sump, tightening to 30nm/22lbft.

Step 8:

Line the the “O” ring, threads and inside of the new oil filter with some oil, you can use either new or old oil. Thread the filter onto the spindle, hand tighten and nip up 1/4 turn with a filter wrench.

Honda CBR 600 RR Oil filter
Honda CBR 600 RR Oil filter
Step 9:

Using a funnel, add the oil into the filler cap while watching the sight glass on the right hand side of the bike, you want the mark right in the middle.

Step 11:
Reinstall the filler cap.
Step 12:

Start the bike and let it idle for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

Step 13:

Once the bike has ran you will notice the oil level has dropped, this is because the oil has been pumped around the engine and into the new filter. Top up slowly to bring the level back into the middle.

Congratulations on a successful oil and filter change!